A Work in Progress

Yesterday I went out to the block to check on the progress of our house, and to be honest I really wasn't expecting too much to have happened. It has been raining on and off for the last 5 days. When I got out there is was so very very happy to see that we have internal walls now!

I have decided to make this blog a picture journey of the progress so far (for all of my family members that don't have facebook!).........

I think the pipes sticking up are our plumbing and electrics
Our Free Fence

The Big Man and the Pooper checking out the Waffle Pods

Our Slab from the back

Our Slab from the front

The frame!!

This is one of my favourite photos

The Big Man and the Pooper in the Dining Room

These doors were the reason we fell in love with this design
The bricks don't really match the roof - we will be rendering soon (thanks Plug!)

Looking down the hall to the front door.

Hopefully I will have some more progress photos to put up very soon!

T xx


HWPP said...

Why is there a hole in the middle of one of your internal walls. Is that for when the Pooper becomes a level 5 jumper? :oP

Tamsyn said...

Unfortunately I don't think he will ever become a level 5 jumper
:( I am not sure what we are going to put in the 'hole' yet, but we have a few ideas that we are thinking about xx

HWPP said...

A fishtank would be perfect!