Obsessed with Raspberries

Right now I am completely in love with raspberries. To the point where I think about them all day and have spent at least 5 hours in the last week googling raspberry recipes.

I have made two of the hundreds of recipes that I have found so far.

Oh my goodness, yum! This was amazing, especially seeing as it was my first ever attempt at a cheesecake. The only problem was that with only two of us in the house, we were kind of over it by the time it was finished. Small problem though really. Its only been four days since we finished it and I could definitely eat the whole thing over again :)

Raspberry and Custard Tarts

I made this last night, but instead of making one big tart I made 12 little ones.... and they are divine. Turns out though that the Big Man doesn't like custard :) Guess that means more for me!

I used frozen raspberries to top the tarts and after I was done I still had heaps of thawed out berries left over. So I sprinkled them with icing sugar and ate them by the spoonful. Obsessed, yes I think I am!

T xx