A Weekend in Hervey Bay

On the weekend The Big Man, the Pooper and I went up to Hervey Bay to visit our families and to celebrate the 30th Birthday of one of my good friends. We had a blast!

On the Friday night we went out for dinner and caught up with a lot of our friends for Cat's birthday. She was spoilt rotten and had a great time, so it was well worth it :)

The birthday girl Cat and her best friend Nat

On Saturday I hung out with my sister and niece. We went swimming (got to love 28 degree winter days), played games and started to organise my baby shower. That night the Big Man and I had dinner with his family to celebrate his birthday and his Mum's birthday. Lamb Roast, can't beat it!!

The Big Man and his Family

On Sunday (and Saturday) morning we took the Pooper to the beach. He had so much fun running in the surf, chasing his ball, chasing us, playing with other dogs and rolling in the sand. Then on our way back to Brisbane we stopped in Maryborough to have lunch with friends of ours that are also expecting a baby. It is always nice to spend several hours talking about babies and not feeling guilty about being completely obsessed with all things baby.

Sunday night when we got home our little cat Oliver was completely beside himself. We had left him out loads of food and water, but he must have got lonely. He was so happy to see us and spent the rest of the night crying whenever he couldn't find us. Poor kitty.

We had a great weekend! I am way to tired to be back at work today, but I keep telling myself I only have 11 weeks to go.....

I hope you all had a great weekend too!

T xx