The Start of the Nursery

A couple of weekends ago the Big Man and I got started on the baby's nursery. We've decided to try and paint an alphabet mural (like this one) using three different shades of blue. We're still not sure how we are going to go painting the letters and numbers, but we are going to give it our best shot.

On the Saturday morning we went to Bunnings and picked out our colours and that afternoon the Big Man started painting with our base colour.

By Sunday afternoon the Big Man had finished the first coat and I love it! The colour is exactly what I had hoped for. Blue, but not wishy-washy. I can't wait until the next coat has gone down and we can start working on the mural!

More photos in the next couple of weeks :)

T xx


rhubarbwhine said...

That looks absolutley perfect!

Tamsyn said...

Thank you, I will put up some more photos soon :)