On the day of our wedding anniversary the Big Man and I went and saw Beyonce at the Brisbane Entertainment centre. She was awesome!

I didn't originally plan on going with the Big Man, I was going with my BFF, but she couldn't make it back to Brisbane, then I was going with another friend Cat, but she ended up in hospital (thinking of you Cat, xx). I decided that seeing as it was our wedding anniversary I wouldn't ask anyone else to come with me and I would just take the Big Man along. He wasn't really that excited about going, but I think he had a good time in the end. I sure did!

Before Beyonce started we got to see Jessica Mauboy and Flow Rida, which was really cool. Beyonce was absolutely amazing though. She looked fantastic and sounded even better. She pulled out all of the big songs and finished up with Single Ladies and Halo.

The baby has been giving me a bit of a hard time over the last couple of days and he didn't ease up at the concert. Sitting down for 3 and a half hours was really uncomfortable, but standing up and dancing was worse.... Even though I had a great time, I will think twice about going to a concert next time I am pregnant.

I didn't take my camera with me because I wasn't sure if I would be allowed to take it in. But one of my friends was also there and posted some photos on facebook, so I am just going to repost them and pretend that they are mine (thanks Cara!). Here are some of them....

"Ava Maria"
"Single Ladies"

It was a great night!

T xx