Moving On

Today is a bit of a sad day for me.... My Dad has broken up with his Fiance. I liked her a lot and they were so perfect for each other.

My Dad has had lots of girlfriends since he and my Mum (who is a truly amazing women, but her and my Dad just weren't meant for each other) broke up 12 years ago and none of them ever really fitted in. But Sally was great, we all liked her, even my Mum!

For the last couple of years whenever I think about my future children I always think about them having 3 Grandmas. It's really strange for me to realise that they will probably never meet Sally now. My niece (Little Miss A) really likes Sally too, and I am wondering how this is going to affect her. She thinks that Sally and my Dad are a package deal. I don't know if she will understand what breaking up is and whether or not she will accept a new girlfriend or keep asking where Sally is?

My Dad is coping in his usual way, by moving on as quickly as possible. It's like he turned off his feelings the minute they broke up. He doesn't seem to be sad or happy about it, just excited about the future and what it holds.......

I wanted to call Sally today and let her know that I am going to miss her, but I didn't. I will, but I think I would have cried if I had done it today...... I will definitely do it tomorrow, but I am wondering what happens after that. Do I still send her a Christmas card? Do I still invite her over for dinner everynow and again? I guess either way I am really going to miss her.

xx Tamsyn


Ching Ya said...

I'm sorry about Sally. Sometimes things just didn't work out the way we hoped. A friend of mine, also broke up with her ex, who we were quite fond of hanging out with. And she hooked up with another pretty fast.. so, sad about losing a friend (obviously we won't be seeing him in the group anymore). So, moving on it is. We hope for the best for Sally, and your dad as well. Same goes with both of my friends here.

Anonymous said...

Awww... *hug*

It is hard when something like that happens - BANG, someone's removed from the family circle, never to be spoken of again. :-(

Tamsyn said...

Thanks for your comments Ching Ya and Nomesque, I appreciate your thoughts. I had a big chat with my Mum last night and I have realised that no matter what, it's not going to be the same anymore. My Dad is going to move on and I guess we have to too :(

HWPP said...

It is sad for Ava, but I think she will understand.

Miss A said...

I wish I could give some advice from experience. But I don't have any in this area, so I'm a bit useless.
Big hugs and I'm sure clarity will come with time x

Tamsyn said...

You're right Jen, I forget how resilient she is. She's an amazing little girl!

Thanks for the hugs Nomesque and Miss A, I needed them!