28 Reasons

28 reasons why I love my Husband......

1. He is the kindest person that I know
2. The amount of stuff he knows is amazing and he can explain almost anything I need to know
3. He is very excited about becoming a Dad
4. He's really strong (and only complains a little bit when I ask him to move stuff for me)
5. He is a fantastic cook
6. He loves pets
7. He is really smart
8. On the rare occasion that he drinks he cracks me up with his drunken antics
9. He never yells or throws things (even when I do)
10. He makes me laugh every day
11. He has really good sense of what is right and wrong
12. Whenever I have a computer problem he fixes it for me
13. He helps me with internet stuff
14. People can't help but relax when he is around, he is so easy going
15. He never judges
16. He understands me
17. He always finds funny things on the internet to share with me
18. Growing up with him makes me fall in love with him more and more every day
19. He loves my family
20. He always smells good
21. He is very artistic and great at choosing colours
22. He understands that my whole world revolves around the baby right now
23. He isn't afraid to try new things
24. He is a great photographer
25. I love the way his eyes crinkle when he laughs
26. He is genuine and doesn't waste words
27. I can always be myself around him
28. He is truly a one of a kind, amazing human being

Happy 28th Birthday Seano, I love you!

T xx


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous post - you made me feel all soft and squishy ;)

Tamsyn said...

Thanks, made my husband smile too :)