My Colour Personality

This morning I have been catching up on all of my favourite decorating blogs, trying to get some inspiration for my house (as per usual). I came across this quiz at Design Ties and thought I would give it a go.

What’s the first colour you see in the morning?
The pink and coral pillows and throw that I toss off the bed each night and stack in the corner of the room.

(The Big Man would never let me have the room this pink, but the cushions and throw are these colours)

What colour are your eyes?

What colour do you wear the most?
Probably blue or maybe grey.

What colour do you never wear?
Yellow, it looks really, really bad with my hair.

What colour do you wear when you want to feel sexy?
Black. Is that a bit boring?

What colour gets you the most compliments?
The other day I complimented when I was wearing brown.

What colour is your lipstick?
I always wear Rose or Pink coloured gloss.

What colour was your living room when you were growing up?
The walls were off white, the furniture was cane with a floral print and Mum and Dad decorated with Papua New Guinean masks and axes and stuff.

What colour was your bedroom when you were growing up?
Green was my favourite colour when I was growing up, so I had green curtains and dark doona covers with an abstract forest print on them. I got to choose the colours and patterns myself and I absolutely loved them.

What colour are your sheets?
White, with a white Doona Cover (in winter) or white blanket (in summer), white pillow cases and the previously mentioned pink and coral throw and cushions. We have had a few different colours over the years (maroon, white with a blue floral pattern, beige, black), but white is my favourite by far. I love getting in between perfect white sheets.

What colour was your favorite crayon as a child?
I loved the colour yellow.

What colour is your car?
We don't have a car of our own at the moment. We just drive whichever rental car is avalable, and they're all white. Boring. We are going to buy a car before the baby is born and it is most definitely not going to be white. I loved my grey Mazda, so maybe another similar colour.

What colour was your prom dress?
Being Australian it was a formal dress, rather than a prom dress. It was electric blue and made by my Mum. I still have it packed away in my box of special things that I plan to keep forever :)

What’s your favourite gemstone?
It's a tie between diamonds and emeralds. Diamonds because, well who doesn't love diamonds and emeralds are my birth stone and match my eyes.

What is your favourite flower?
Pink Peonies, I love them!

What colour makes you happiest?

What colour depresses you?
I don't know if there is a proper name for this colour, but the colour of sun-baked dirt. That is the colour of my backyard at the moment because we still haven't done any landscaping. For me it the exact opposite of lush green grass, which is one of my favourite outdoor colours. The greyish-green of sunburnt grass also makes me sad.

What colour calms you?
Blue, grey and white are all colours that make me feel calm.

What colour makes you grind your teeth?
Peach. Eugh don't even get me started on peach. Bleagh.

What colour would you like to try, but are scared to?
I am starting to use more Red. It's such a powerful colour, I really love it, but haven't used it until we moved into our current house.

So there you go, that's how I feel about colour.

T xx


Anonymous said...

I love these types of mems and posts, I really learn a lot about the author. Now I know you a little better!

Thanks for visiting and your thoughtful comments on my dawg. Much appreciated.

Tamsyn said...

Glad to know you liked it, thanks!

Growing up I had a black lab, so when I read the story about yours and saw the photo, it melted my heart. I was very glad to hear that there was a happy ending :)