A Baby Girl

One of my good friends Nat had a baby girl last night! When I found out I was so excited that I started to cry.

I haven't had a chance to visit her yet, but from all accounts she, the baby and her husband are all doing very well. The Big Man and I are heading back up to Hervey Bay midway through this week to return the ute that we borrowed, so hopefully (if Nat feels up to it) we can visit her and meet little Kate Ella then.

Although I should really have already come to terms with the fact that I am having a baby, every now and then something will happen that will really drive it home to me. Nat having her baby was one of those times. Nat called to tell me she was pregnant after she got through the first 12 weeks and it was only a week later that I found out that I was pregnant. All the way through our pregnancies we have been comparing stories and she has been letting me know what to expect next. So now that she has had her baby, I guess I am next!

T xx