Getting Ready

Tonight the Big Man and I are going to our first antenatal class. I am really looking forward to it, but also really nervous. Nervous because I don't what to expect, excited because it is a new step in this crazy pregnancy journey and really, really nervous because I am still kind of in denial about the fact that I am going to be giving birth in roughly ten weeks.

I tweeted this morning asking whether or not I should be nervous and so far the feedback has been mostly good (my brother in law did warn me about the videos....). And all of the Mum's at work are really excited and think that I will love the classes.

So my questions to the Mum's out there are.... Any horror stories? Anything that I need to prepare myself for? Or are the classes really great?

T xx


Anonymous said...

You'll be fine. Funny how so much expectation ois put on the classes and birth, when the next 20 years are much harder! (kidding!)

Tamsyn said...

Haha, that's exactly what the midwife said last night too!