Pregnant Blogging

At the moment my absolute favourite blogs to read are ones where the author is pregnant. It's probably because I am so excited about my own pregnancy. I just love reading about how other expecting Mums are going, the ups and downs they are encountering and all of the joy that they are experiencing.

The 'pregnant blogs' that I am currently following are:

Belly Story

Jeanie in Paradise

Jen-ology (Jen just had her baby last week)

Not so Newly-Wed

Georgie Girl

Please let me know of any other pregnant bloggers that you follow and love. I just can't get enough of reading about other people's pregnancys!!

Thanks T xx


jeanie said...

Well, Melody at BigLittleSister is no longer pregnant - her beautiful girl is now 1 month old - but Di at Loess Is More is due around the same time as I am so I check on her occasionally.

I am actually suckered into a forum with lots of other pregnant ladies at the moment, which is stealing my blog-reading time!!

Tamsyn said...

Great links Jeanie, much appreciated! Thank goodness for the internet, I can't imagine being pregnant without 24-7 blogs and forums :)