Hopefully the next one is a girl

This weekend I am up in Hervey Bay picking up some baby furniture from my sister. I love coming up to Hervey Bay, we always get to catch up with my sister and her family and the Big Man's family. Normally we make an effort to catch up with our friends, but we are on a tight schedule this weekend, so it is family time only.

One of my favourite things to do when I come up here is to do my nieces hair. She's not a huge fan of having her hairbrushed, but she is generally really good about it. She has beautiful blond hair that goes all the way down her back. Perfect for a clucky Mum-to-be to braid! Yesterday I did her hair in heidi platts and she looked so, so cute :)

It was a bit messy at the back, but only if you looked closely ;)

The furniture that we are taking back with us is a baby cot, a bassinet, a baby bath and change table and we're also picking up a whole lot of plants from the Big Man's parents, Christmas decorations from my sister and a few bits and pieces that I am borrowing for my baby shower.

I am so excited to get home and start piecing together the baby's room. I also ordered a few bits and pieces on etsy the other day so that I can start decorating the room....

Owl Decal from SurfaceFlik's Etsy Store

Small Owl Picture from LeeArthaus - Etsy

More pictures as it all comes together!

T xx