Cooper and Max


A few people have asked me how Cooper is coping with the new addition to our household and I'm very pleased to say that he seems to really like Max.

Each night, before we brought Max home from the hospital, the Big Man would bring home whatever Max had been wearing that day. He would then sit on the bed with Cooper and let him sniff away to his hearts content. The first night Cooper spent about half an hour sniffing, rubbing his head and rolling on Max's onsie. I wish I had been there to watch, I imagine it would have been so cute! At one stage the Big Man wiggled his fingers under the onsie and Cooper jumped a mile. Awww.

The day that we bought Max home, Cooper jumped into the front seat of the car after we parked in the garage. I was sitting in the back with Max, and although he hadn't seen me in 5 days, Coop completely ignored me and just wanted to sniff the baby.

Right from the start he seemed really relaxed around Max, I think it is because he knew Max's smell well before we brought him home. Cooper always goes up to Max's bouncer and gives him a good sniff (and tries to sneak a face lick in, we're working on that) and whenever Max starts crying Cooper rushes over to check on him :)

The first night that we were home I was sitting on the bed feeding Max, and Coop was on the end of the bed. The Big Man opened the door and walked in and Cooper started to growl at him. I think he might have been protecting me and Max, but he still got in loads of trouble. He knows he's not allowed to growl at friends or family....

Other than that he has been great. Max doesn't really notice Cooper though... I'm looking forward to when Max gets a bit older and they start to interact with each other.

At the end of the day though we still keep a very close eye on Cooper. He might be the best dog in the world, but he's still an animal and they can be unpredictable. But I am very happy with how well he is adjusting.

T xx


Monster Girl said...

Okay, that last photo is the cutest photo EVER. Nawwww they both look so happy! :)

Tamsyn said...

I know, thanks!

Ange & Phil said...

LOVE that photo Tam, just so cute!!! I love the bond between pets and kids, the pets get so protective my Zoe loves the boys so much when we go to the beach she walks infront of Tristan if he goes too close to the water its just beautiful!

VintageFokus said...

Hi, great to hear that your baby and dog get along. I am expecting in a few months and hopefuly our baby and dog get along as well as yours do!

Your blog has been a great read...things for me to ookforward to ;)

Tamsyn said...

It is great to see the two of them getting along. I can't wait to take Max and Coop to the beach together :)