Should've Seen That Coming

Yesterday I think I broke one of the unwritten rules of bringing up a child.

I blogged about how well things are going.

Obviously I wasn't thinking straight.

Last night was horrible. Max woke up like usual at 2am, but nothing would make him happy. He refused to feed and just kept screaming and screaming. He seemed to be really hungry, so I'm not sure why he wouldn't feed. Maybe crying hysterically just seemed more important to him?

After about 15 minutes of me trying to feed him and then another 15 minutes of me bawling my eyes out and trying to ignore him (definitely not my finest moment), I gave in and made him up a bottle of formula. I was desperate to make him happy and when I've had trouble feeding in the past I've found that if I express and bottle feed he tends to settle. Anyway at 2am I really didn't feel like listening to him scream while I expressed for half an hour (by hand). So formula it was.

Cheeky little baby didn't even seem to notice that it wasn't my milk. He drank half of the bottle before falling asleep.

We put him in his bassinette, which we can normally do even when he's only half asleep, but he wasn't having a bar of it last night. The only way we could get him to sleep was to hold him. The Big Man was wide awake by this stage so he walked around the bedroom for another 15 minutes rocking Max. He would fall asleep straight away, but as soon as he was put down he would wake up and start screaming again.

Eventually the Big Man was able to put him down and although Max woke up again he must have been exhausted because after grouching for a few minutes he fell asleep properly. At four am!

Anyway, it's been a long day (my afternoon nap didn't even touch the sides) so Max and I getting ready to head off to bed now, hopefully tonight goes a little more smoothly.

T xx


Fern said...

If he's crying more when he's horizontal you might want to mention reflux at his next check up. Declan has terrible reflux and we would have night after night of that, he wasn't happy unless he was upright and being held onto.

Tamsyn said...

I went to the feeding clinic today, he's not feeding as well as he was. Screaming at every second feed. I had thought it might be reflux, but forgot to ask about it. The midwife thinks that he's cranky because he's now having to work for his food. I don't think so though, even when he first latches on and milk is pouring out he screams. I will definitely ask about reflux at my next check-up. Thanks for the reminder :)

jeanie said...

Oh Tamsyn - I feel your pain... Good luck on getting the feeding working for you.

jeanie said...

BTW Tam - here is a link that may be useful for you :

(oh, and another

Tamsyn said...

Thanks heaps for those Jeanie xx

Ange & Phil said...

Sounds a bit like Colic to me Tam, well kind of like what I went thru with Tristan for about the first 3 months. Have you tried Infants Friend at all? (more like mummies best friend! lol) just from the chemist or even Gripe Water or Infacol from Woolies. Just a suggestion babe if you are anything like I was you will want to try everything! Hope it all works out soon babe!! Take care xoxo

Tamsyn said...

It must be so much harder second time around. I don't know how I would find time for a toddler while Max is like this... Thanks for the tip as well, I'm going shopping tomorrow and am going to try the infants friend. xx