One Month Old

Dear Max,

Today you are one month old and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone already.

You have spent the last couple of weeks surrounded by family. Christmas was spent at home with Grandma, Pappy, Aunty Jenny, Uncle Richard and Ava. Now we are in Hervey Bay with your Nona, Pop, Great Gradparents Meme and Pepe and Uncle Mark. They all love you so much! The only time I seem to get to spend with you is when your hungry, as there are so many people that want to hold you and hug you. I don't mind though, you are a very lucky boy to have so many people that love you!

The night before last was New Years Eve and we went out for dinner with friends to celebrate. You were such a good boy and Daddy and I were so proud of you. You got to me meet little baby Kate for the first time, the first of many times I'm sure!

In the last month you have changed from being a newborn baby to a little baby boy with a hint of attitude. You've worked out how to tell us that you're hungry and we're starting to be able to tell the difference between your various cries. You still don't cry much, more than you did, but still not much.

The big change in the last couple of weeks is how much more aware you are becoming. When you're awake you love to look around and see what is happening in the world and you really love to play on your play mat. Tummy time is your favourite play activity followed closely by watching yourself in the mirror. Which I can completely understand, if I was as gorgeous as you are I would want to stare at myself all day long too!

I think that Daddy is quickly becoming one of your favourite people. When you hear him speak you look around to see where he his. This melts my heart and makes me smile every time!

You have also started to look into our eyes when we talk to you. You have the most beautiful blue/grey eyes and it makes me feel so close to you when they lock onto mine.

This month has been the most amazing month of my life and I am looking forward to many, many more beautiful months, years and decades with you. You are the love of my life.

Kisses, Hugs and lots of Love,



Christie - Childhood 101 said...

I miss those newborn moments, it seems they pass so quickly, though I am sure it is the new parent anxiety and sleep deprivation that cloud our mind at the time! How lucky you are to have this beautiful record of such a special time.

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Christie, it does seem to go so quickly doesn't it. I am trying to saviour every moment with my little man.