A Weekend on the Coast

On the weekend the Big Man and I went up to the coast to visit his parents.

We had an awesome time. The best part was by far Sunday morning.... The Big Man's parents are both early risers, so at 6.30am we took Max out to them and then went back to bed until 11am. Bliss! If only we could do that every weekend :)

The rest of the weekend was great too. I caught up with girlfriends for lunch, hung out with my Sister and her family, caught up with some other new parents (hi Nat!) so that we could talk about babies non-stop and we also went and watched Avatar in 3D.

Avatar was amazing! It took me a while to get used to the 3D, but once I did I loved it. The only downside was that at the end of the movie I realised how much I missed Max and next thing you know I was leaking everywhere.... I had to walk out of the cinema holding my bag across my chest. Luckily I have a thing for huge handbags!

Max was on his absolute best behaviour the entire time. I think our families must think we are making things up when we say Max is a monster.

Anyway we're back in Brisbane now and planning a trip down the coast to see my Mum in a couple of weekends. Got to share the baby-love around!

T xx


Nat Murtagh said...

It was great to see u guys to Tam, hope to do it more. Can't wait till the can play with each other. Ps that is a great Aus photo with Max and Ash. The pool seems to make his eye's seem blue.

Tamsyn said...

Can't wait either, it will be so cute! I think that Max's eyes look really blue too, must be the water though, up close they are starting to go either brown or green, not sure which...

Cady said...

I think babies purposely act up around us and then act like angels around everyone else. All my friends and family think we make it all up when we say she screams and fusses too. :)

Tamsyn said...

So it's not just Max then? He did it again yesterday... we went to mt Dad's and as well as being on his best behaviour he even managed a nap. As soon as we got home he turnec straight back into a monster :(