My First Week Back

I survived my first week back at work... and I even managed to enjoy myself!

I had a bit of a rocky start though. By 10am on my first day I was in tears in the bathroom, well not just tears... huge racking, slightly hysterical sobbing. Definitely not my finest moment.

When I left for work in the morning I asked the Big Man to keep his phone close by because I would be calling at morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea to see how Max was doing. So when he didn't answer on my first break I kind of (totally) lost it. I went back to my desk and tried to be brave, but I couldn't keep it together.

Whist I was in the bathroom I managed to get hold of the Big Man - after I sent him the following text message: why didn't you answer? If you don't call me in the next 20 minutes I will be coming home, which will mean I probably get fired. Which will probably happen anyway seeing as I'm in the bathroom crying instead of working - overly dramatic much!

Anyway the Big Man told me that he was doing fine and Max was perfectly happy :). So I dried my eyes and went back my desk.

After that I settled down heaps and didn't have any other dramas. At the end of my first day I felt really happy, which made me realise that I've made the right choice to go back.

T xx


Nat Murtagh said...

That's great u went back and again the next day u should be proud. It certainly isnt easy and is a juggling act sometimes too. Good to hear your enjoying it though, now to feel more tired :)

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Nat! By Sunday I was absolutely shattered. Thank goodness I have Monday and Tuesday off :)

jeanie said...

Wow I missed this - totally with you on the text message!! I have managed an hour away from mine, but then I am a wuss (and I can work from home)!!