Baby Shower

On Saturday night I hosted a baby shower for my friend Dez.

We decided on a red, white & blue plane theme as that's how she is planning on decorating her nursery. The night went off without a hitch and I think that everyone had a really good time. I know Dez enjoyed herself and that really is the main thing.

I was busy all night running the games, keeping glasses full and checking on the Mum's in the kitchen so I didn't take nearly enough photos. I did get a few good ones, but not as many as I would've liked.

Everytime I plan and host an event like this people comment that I should consider doing it for a living and I always say thank you and then quickly dismiss the idea. Lately though I have been giving it a bit more thought. Nothing definite, but I am thinking about it.

In the meantime I need some more friends to get pregnant so that I can plan more parties!

T xx


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Those cakes are so freaking adorable!

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Kelley, it was my first go at 'swirly icing' so I was really happy with how they turned out!