Like Father Like Son

A couple of weeks ago the Big Man's grandparents sent me through a photo from when the Big Man was a baby.

I was amazed, the resemblance is striking. Max looks so much like his Daddy!

When I was pregnant the Big Man used to joke that I would be in a lot of trouble if the baby came out black (am I allowed to say that?). Hopefully these photos put his mind at ease!

T xx


Nat Murtagh said...

my god Tam, thats so amazing how much their similar, I knew he had S in him but gosh. Kate is same too and for a girl. P's mum showed me pics of him as a babe and it's like max, weird hey, I hope Kate doesnt grow up looking exactly like P :) And I would of thought us redheads had some strong genes!

Tamsyn said...

Maybe the next ones we have will be readheads with freckles!