Team Ivy

One of my favourite bloggers, Tif from Three Ring Circus has a little girl called Ivy. Ivy was born at 30 weeks and as a result has an immune deficiency. What this means is that this beautiful little girl (and her Mum) spend a lot of time in hospital.

Tif is currently raising money to buy beds for the parents of sick children to sleep in (they currently have to either sleep in a chair or on a mattress on the floor) and is also raising money to buy a fridge for the wonderful nursing staff that dedicate their lives to looking after sick children.

This cause hits close to home for me. My gorgeous Niece has chronic asthma and around four or five times a year my Sister finds herself sleeping in a chair in a hospital room whilst Ava recovers, sometimes for a week at a time.

Click the Team Ivy picture at the top of the post to donate. Every little bit we can raise will help.

T xx


tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Thank you so much for this! It means alot.

im going green said...

Hello I am now afollower and i could so relate on the not so perfect life!! I'm making it on faith plz do the same and follow me!