Home Alone

Max and I just had our first ever night without the Big Man home {he has gone down to the Gold Coast for a friends bucks party}. I won't lie, I was scared. I don't like to be alone at the best of times and especially not at night.

I think that Max must have noticed that I was nervous... He slept like normal until I came to bed, but after his 10pm feed he would only sleep if he was in the bed with me. Several times throughout the night I tried to put him back into his bed, but he would kick all of his blankets off and grumble until I picked him up. Then, as soon as I put him down in my bed he would fall asleep.

Who I am to complain though, waking up to sweet baby breath is the next best thing to waking up next to the Big Man!

This morning we had a bit of sleep in and now Max is as happy as larry, playing on his playmat and staring at himself in his mirror.

Hopefully the Big Man gets home soon so that I can tell him how brave we were!

T xx


Tamela said...

Bubs are very perceptive aren't they!! They really do pick up on our moods and it throws them off.... but it is kind of cute, cause it's almost like he wanted to stay next to mummy to make her feel better! Hope all is well darlin' xoxo