Ups and Downs

One of the things that has really surprised me since having Max is how different any two days can be. One day Max can be an absolute angel and the very next day a monster!

Yesterday I got lucky and Max was in one of his great moods. He was happy and smiley all day, napped really well and the highlight was when I took him grocery shopping and he laughed and smiled at strangers from the capsule on the trolley. It was so sweet, baby smiles can melt even the coldest of hearts!

Today I was back at work and the Big Man was not so lucky with Max. By the time the two of them picked me up after I finished work the Big Man was exhausted. Apparantly Max spent the entire day crying, wanting to be held and refusing to sleep. Not nice Max! I'm not sure what was going on with him today, but it was like he was a completely different baby.

I'm hoping that tomorrow he reverts back to his usual smiley self. If he repeats the monster behaviour too many times I'm not sure that the Big Man will be as happy about looking after him while I work.

Crossing my fingers!

T xx


Ange & Phil said...

Maybe he just missed his mummy! Hope Sean has a better day today. xoxo

Nat Murtagh said...

Kate does the same, more good then bad though thank god. I always say she's my little rat when she is out of sorts :). I see u got the same mirror Kate has hope he loves it as much as she does. But at the moment it is second to glow worm :)