8 Months

Dear Max,

Oh my goodness. Where to start...

8 months is everything I imagined and so much more. You are a fun, smiley, happy, laughing baby boy. Every day with you is fun and every day is a new adventure.

About five weeks ago you started to show signs that you were thinking about crawling. It started out with you rocking back and forwards on your hands and knees. Then you started to experiment with different ideas. Some days you would be raising up a hand, the next day moving your legs. Every day Daddy and I would look at each other and say 'he's so close to crawling!'. It took a little bit longer than we expected, but one day about a week ago we looked down at our feet and there you were properly crawling around! No more falling down every couple of paces, you really have the hang of it now. You chase after Cooper and go after the things you want. We are so proud of you!

The next biggest change we've noticed is playtime. You don't really like to be in one spot anymore, you like to crawl around on the floor playing with your toys and chasing Cooper. You spend ages crawling over to where Cooper is, reaching out and touching him, only for him to get up and walk away. Again and again and again! And you love it :)

Your have heaps of toys (mainly hand-me-downs from Cousin Ava) to play with, but your favourite toy in the world at the moment is your plastic fish. Your 25 cent plastic fish. I love that you get so much joy from simple things!

There is one sad part about you growing up so quickly and that is that you're not a fan of cuddles anymore. You still like being held and sitting in our laps. But snuggly, sleepy cuddles? Not on your life! You push us away and kick up a big fuss, especially if you think there is a chance that we might be tricking you into sleeping. I miss those beautiful sleepy snuggles that we used to have. But all the exciting new things that you are learning help to make up for it.

We love you so much Max. You are everything that we could have ever hoped for and so much more.

Lots and lots and lots of Love,

Mummy xxoo



Melody said...

Ooo, such a gorgeous age/time. Max is adorable.

I'm lucky as my (now 11 moht old) MissL LOVES cuddles - but then so does my 5 year old MissM.

Ange & Phil said...

Aww he is growing up so fast!! And he is just so damn cute I love his facial expressions looks like he has a wonderful little personality. Don't worry the sleepy cuddles will come back Ronan is now my more cuddely boy, I especially love it when he is tired. I am sad we didn't get to see Max when you guys were here but will hopefully see you again soon xoxo

Tamsyn said...

Melody - thanks, you're girls are so adorable too! I'm glad they are still loving their cuddles :)

Ange - It was so good to see you and you're gorgeous boys on the weekend. We will have to catch up again sson xxoo