Bath Time


Ever since Max was really little he has been having showers, mainly with the Big Man and sometimes with me. He loves them. He gets to hang out with Mum and Dad and gets to play in the water, perfect!

I figured, seeing as he loves showers so much, that baths would be the most fun ever. Wow, how wrong was I! Bath time very quickly became Max's least favourite time of the day. The only way we could bath him without him screaming the house done was to hop in the tub with him.

About a week ago that all changed. All of a sudden the bath toys I had been bribing him with became interesting enough to distract him.

Now he loves baths! We get smiles and giggles and the only tears are when it's time to hop out. Thank goodness. I can't imagine a Queenslander that doesn't love the water :)



Melody said...

Oh yes, our 11 month old LOVES her bath - she is now too loving the neighbour's pool!

Enjoy this age, I know I am. =)

Tamsyn said...

I can't wait for summer so that we can get Max into the pool, he was just a baby last summer and hated swimming.

It is such a great age everything is new and exciting and they find so much joy in the little things :)