A Lucky Baby

Being a parent is by far the most amazing and rewarding thing I have ever experienced in my life. So I can only imagine the feeling when you become a grandparent. Seeing your babies have babies of their own must make you feel like you are going to burst!

We we're fortunate enough to have quite a few family members come and visit us last week. First up was my Mum. She hadn't stayed with us for about 8 weeks and Max had so many new things to show her. He crawled around like a demon, stood up (with some help from me), showed his Grandma that he could feed himself and topped it all off with a monster tantrum! Luckily Mum loves him unconditionally :)

More family updates soon!



Nat Murtagh said...

lovely pics!

Melody said...

Oh this post brought a tear to my eye. Our family (obviously) live half a world away from us - my folks miss out on so much, but as my mum says, it is my life... =(

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Nat!

Awww Melody :( At least you blog regularly so that they can see all your gorgeous pics and hear the stories about MissM and MissL. Even though my Mum and the Big Man's Mum only live 3 hours away they still check here regularly to see what Max is up to!