My engagement ring broke last night. I was getting down on the floor to dry Max after his bath and my hand slipped and smashed into the door frame. I looked down at my hand and the diamond was missing from my ring. There were a few moments of panic when we couldn't find the stone, but eventually we did.

I'm going to drop it off at the jewellers at lunch time today. Hopefully the get it back to me really quickly. I feel a bit naked without it.



theoldboathouse said...

Wow, you are lucky it happened in a small space. Same thing happened to my neighbour and we never found it...she was outside. Someone will get a nice surprise one day long after we and she have moved no doubt and aren't around to make a claim, cheers Katherine

Tamsyn said...

I know, I stressed for a moment that it may have gone down the drain in the floor. Scary!