Saturday Fun

Today I spent the entire day hanging out with Max and my adorable niece Ava.

Seeing as I am Ava's funniest Aunt (so much fun that apparently she doesn't think that I'm a grown up and double checks everything with her Mum to find out if I actually know what I'm talking about or if I am just making stuff up again...) I decided to plan a super-fun day for the three of us.

We started the morning off with the Big Man's famous pancakes. Even Max thinks they are delicious.

Then we hit the town.

First stop was the petting zoo. Ava had an absolute ball patting all the baby animals, watching the baby chickens in their cage, getting licked by a calf and watching a piglet having a bottle. Max really enjoyed it to, I think he was itching to get in amongst the animals and touch them.

Next up we headed to a huge indoor playcentre. Max and Ava both had a blast here. Max even got to experience his first time down a slide. He loved it so much that he started laughing, so cute!

We topped it all off by heading to Hungry Jacks for a late lunch and more playtime.

We're back home now, both Max and Ava went down for naps without any fuss at all and are still sound asleep two hours later. Bliss.

It was such a fun day, I can't wait to do it all again some time soon.



jeanie said...

Certainly looks like an excellent time was had. And wow - look how advanced Max is - haven't been by of late because I need directions some days to get out of bed!!!

Tamsyn said...

I know what you mean Jeanie and I only have one baby. Busy, busy, busy!