A Busy Week

This week I'm on annual leave from work and Max & I are up in Hervey Bay. I booked the time in so that I could spend time with my sister and her new baby girl. I'm also loving catching up with all my Hervey Bay friends and family.

I'm trying to fit as much as I can into the week that I am up here and we ended up having a huge day on Wednesday.

We started out the day at the local library. Jen had the great idea to take Max to the under 2's reading session. It was called the Rhyme and Rattle class and max absolutely loved it! We sang songs, shook maracas, danced, read a story and did lots of clapping. I loved it as much as Max!

After that I took Max home for a 25 minute power nap before we went out to 2nd Kitchen to have lunch with Cat. Max was on his almost-best behaviour and lunch was delicious. Plus I got to catch up with one of my favourite girlfriends. Good things all round!

Max was absolutely exhausted after lunch so I planned to take him home for a real nap. On the way back to the in-laws (where I am staying this week) I remembered that I promised to take Max into their shop so that the girls could see him. Whilst I was there my brother-in-law asked if I could take him grocery shopping (he doesn't have a licence at the moment). So I did, cos I'm nice like that :)

Next up Jen and I packed our kids (Max, Ava and Emily) and took them out to have a play date with another of my favourite friends and her two gorgeous boys. The three older kids got along beautifully and Max spent the whole time trying to join in with them. When Max wasn't following the kids around he was pressed up against the window 'talking' to Ange's dog. So cute!

Ange has a cake making business (Angel Cake), so we also planned out the cakes for Jen's baby shower. I can't wait to show you the photos, it's going to be gorgeous!!

Max fell asleep in the car almost as soon as we left Ange's and slept the 20 minutes it took as to get back to the in-laws. We tried to bath him, feed him and give him some cuddles before bed, but he wasn't having a bar of it. Poor little baby was exhausted!

Two days later I think he is still playing catch up on his sleep. He's needing three naps a day instead of two :)

Weeks like this where I get to catch up with some of my closest girlfriends, spend the days with my sister and see Max spoilt by family make me really want to move back to the Bay. It wont be happening though... It looks like we are going to be in Brisbane for at least the next five to ten years.



Cat Bensein said...

Aww it would be awesome if you guys could move back - Damon would love being able to catch up with Sean all the time too! Its been great catching up with you over the last week - I will see you tomorrow at the baby shower xoxo

Tamsyn said...

It would be great, but it's not to be unfortunately. It was so great seeing you this week xxoo