Emergency Room

My poor little baby has a rash. A nasty, spotty, on his face kind of rash. Yuck.

He's never really had a rash before so I kind of over-reacted when it first came up. It was a Sunday and there were no doctors open, so I took him to the emergency room at the hospital. The checked him out and said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. He might be teething or have a cold or something like that. But nothing seriously wrong. Phew. The doctor was really nice about it though, he gave me a few tips on when to worry about a rash and got me to feel some glands behinds Max's ears because they were a bit swollen. A nice change from Dr Horrible!

{This gorgeous little girl and her Mumma made the hour and half wait fun, more on her soon I promise!}

Anyway, today his rash was worse and he has a temperature as well. We saw a nurse today (whilst the above baby was having a check up) and she also said that nothing is wrong with him. The common thing everyone we see says is that because he is so upbeat and smiley that obviously there is nothing wrong with him...

I don't think that is a good indication though. While I was absent from the blog Max got a bad case of tonsillitis and had a temp of 39.9 degrees Celsius. I waited 2 days before taking him to the doctor because he was so happy and normal that I figured nothing was seriously wrong. I felt so bad when I found out how sick he was.

I guess I will just wait and see again though. If he still has the rash and a temperature tomorrow I might take him to the doctor for a third opinion.



Melody said...

I remember when MissM was about 10 months or so she developed this awful rash under her chin/neck. I took her to the dr thinking WTF but she said nothing to worry about, could be just her way of teething. I just used 'Curash' powder on it and it eventually cleared up.

Hope Max is okay come tomorrow.

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Melody, he is back to normal now. So no doctors appointment was neede :)