Puppy Love

About lunch time today I got home (to the in-laws) and saw two people and two dogs sitting in the front yard. I didn't think too much of it, but as I got out of the car they came down the driveway with the dogs and asked if they were mine.

It turns out that they were just out for a walk when they spotted the two dogs sitting in someone's front yard. On the way back they noticed that the dogs were still out and running around in someone else's yard. They knocked on all the doors in the street and couldn't find anyone that knew who owned the dogs.

They were ready to give up and head home so I took up the challenge. They were so sweet and I couldn't leave them roaming the street.

I put them in the car (much to Max's delight) and took them down to the nearest vet so that she could scan them for a microchip (they had no tags or collars on). Neither had a microchip so she took my details in case anyone asked about them and suggested that I call all the vets in town to see if anyone had reported them missing.

I took them back home and put them in the pool area with a big bowl of water. The escaped within seconds and came up on to the back deck to see me.

I had no luck locating their owners though so I ended up calling the pound and asking them to come out and get them. The guy that came out was super nice, I was really upset to be sending them to the pound, but he said that well cared for dogs like these nearly always get picked up within 24 hours.

Honestly they were the sweetest puppies ever. They didn't jump, nip or bark. It's probably a good thing that they were taken from me I completely fell in love with them in less than 4 hours.