Kisses From Kate

Last week I took Max over to my friend Nat's place for a play date with Baby Kate. Normally when I take Max around there he is tired and cranky from a busy week of catching up with my Hervey Bay friends and family and he just sits on the floor and cries when Kate comes near him. Not this time! I fed him lunch as soon as we got there and then he was super happy to play.

They did a lot of alongside playing, but they also interacted quite a bit. They even gave each other a couple of kisses. It was so sweet!

Kate is walking already and I was hoping that she might inspire Max to give it a go, but he just crawled around after her. He's a champion stander, but shows no interest in walking!

It was really nice to see them happily playing for the first time without bucket loads of tears :)

After a couple of hours we put them both down for a nap so that we could have a grown-up catch up and lots of snuggles with little Emily.

A perfect day, thanks Nat!



Cat Bensein said...

:) How adorable is that pic :)

Nat Murtagh said...

Aw I heart them both ;). We had a great playdate too and look forward to many more. Xo

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