At Home with Max


Things have been going really well since we got home with Max on Sunday. So far he is a great baby and only cries when he's hungry. Half the time he doesn't even really cry, he just whinges a bit.

On the first night that we were home with Max I did have minor hysterics though... We waited until we were ready to go to be bed before testing out the baby monitor that my Sister had lent us. It is one of those monitors that goes under the mattress and if Max stops breathing an alarm goes off. Anyway it is really sensitive, so much so that the pedestal fan in our bedroom was setting it off, meaning that we had no way of knowing whether Max's breathing was stopping the alarm from going off or if the fan was. The Big Man wasn't really phased and said that we would just start using it when the airconditioning gets installed and we no longer need the fan. I agreed with him at first, but once I got into bed and realised that once I was lying done I couldn't see or reach Max in his bassinet I started to panic.

Long story short... I cried hysterically, accused the Big Man of choosing comfort (the fan) over the safety of his child, and decided to set up Max's bassinet and monitor in one of the spare rooms and sleep without a fan. Luckily the Big Man was a bit (a lot) more level headed than me and worked out that if we repositioned the fan it wouldn't set of the sensor in Max's bassinet. I felt really stupid for not working this out earlier, but in my defense it was our first night home with Max and I was really overwhelmed.

That first night he woke up four times, but since then he has only waken up twice per night. The other great thing is that after he wakes up for his four o'clock feed he then sleeps through until seven or eight am. Meaning that the Big Man and I are getting to sleep in :) People keep asking me if I'm really tired, but at the moment we're getting plenty of sleep.

During the day Max mainly just eats and sleeps, but he does have about an hour each day of awake time. We use this time to bath him, give him tummy time and play music to him. We use the Big Man's laptop to play the music and Max loves watching the random pattern thingy.

I am probably jinxing myself for writing about how good Max is and how much of an easy baby he is being... I think I will just make the most of it in case it doesn't last!

T xx


tiff(threeringcircus) said...

He is very very gorgeous.

jeanie said...

What a beautiful baby - there will be worse times, but the good news is that you KNOW there are good times now.

I am not getting that sort of sleep in, and I don't even have the baby out yet!!

Tamsyn said...

Thank you!

I hope you are getting some rest Jeanie, it's not always easy to sleep in at this time of the year, with the Sun coming up at 4.45am. (I think I manage pretty well though!)