Good Bye 2009

This year has been a great one for the Big Man and I. I think it is one of those years that I will look back on and smile about in the years and decades to come.

Of course it hasn't been all smooth sailing, but the good this year has by far out weighed the bad.

2009 Highlights (in chronological order):
  • Adopting Ollie, our laid back, cruisey Cat
  • Finding a great job that I really enjoy and having the added bonus of working with a fantastic group of people
  • Finding out that I was pregnant
  • Telling the Big Man that were going to have a baby
  • Telling our families and friends about the baby
  • Seeing Max for the first time at our 10 week scan
  • All of the pregnancy milestones, first kick, first kick that the Big Man felt, seeing Max move inside my belly, first hiccups, etc
  • Not getting fired from that job when I needed a lot of time off through out my pregnancy
  • Celebrating my first wedding anniversary
  • Seeing Beyonce in concert
  • Cooper turning two and finally turning into a sane dog rather than a uber-excited puppy
  • My Baby Shower
  • Giving birth
  • Sharing Max with all of our Families
  • Having my Family visit for Christmas
  • Celebrating the New Year with thew Big Man's Family
It was such a good year that I have probably missed a million things!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2010!

T xx


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

this is the FIRST post I have seen where someone had a good 2009!

Wonderful. And here's to it continuing in 2010!

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Kelley, it was a really great year. I hope 2010 turns out to be a good one for you x