Five Days in Hospital

Including the day that Max was born, he and I spent five days in the hospital. For my first baby it was the perfect amount of time. I wouldn't have wanted to go home any sooner, but I was definitely ready to leave by Sunday morning.

After the first day and night Max spent all of his time in my room with me and the visitors that we had. Although he did go back to the Well Baby Nursery for part of the second night, I was given painkillers that made me feel really drowsy so they took him away. Once I woke up and fed him at 3am I was feeling fine so they let him stay the rest of the night with me. I chose not to take those painkillers again, I preferred to have Max in the room with me and a little bit of pain was easy to put up with.

Each day that I was in the hospital the Big Man would spend the day with us. We mostly just hung out in my room, watched the cricket and held Max.

In the afternoon of day two my Mum arrived and then stayed for two days. It was great, she got plenty of hugs with Max and it also gave the me a chance to get out of the room several times and go for short walks with the Big Man.

On day three a got a small dose of the baby blues, it seemed to come and go over the next two days. I'm still really emotional now, but I think it is just my hormones sorting themselves back out :)

My milk came in on day four, which was something that I had been anxious about. I really didn't want to go home before it had happened. It's silly, but I was so happy to be able to give Max really good feeds, I felt like I was being a good Mum!

All in all it was a great hospital to have a baby at. The staff at the hospital were all really great. Once they realised that the Big Man and I were comfortable taking care of Max on our own and that I was feeding easily, they left us alone most of the time. They came in when it was time to weigh or bath or do tests with Max and I was always able to talk to someone if I buzzed, but I was glad that they weren't constantly in my room checking up on me. Even the food was really nice, definitely not the nasty hospital food that I had heard about!

Overall, a very nice experience!

T xx


jeanie said...

And where is the mummy photo? Glad you are enjoying your family.

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Jeanie! I hope your little one comes along sometime soon too :)