Yesterday afternoon I had my first trip out of the house without Max. The Big Man and I went grocery shopping and left the little guy with his Aunty Jenny. It went really well, and I only cried twice.... the first time I was checking the Big Man's iphone for a twitter update from Jen and saw Max on the screensaver (which made me miss him like crazy), the second time was when Jen tweeted to say that Max was awake and a bit sad. The folks at Aldi probably think I'm a nutter :)

It went fine though and Max wasn't even crying when I got home. Doesn't mean that I am in a hurry to be away from him again though, I think I will still keep him nice and close as much as possible!

We went out again today (the Big Man, Max and I), we took Max to my work so that I could show him to all of my work mates. He was great, he was passed around from person to person and only started to get a bit grumpy after about half an hour. I spent most of my pregnancy at work so it was really nice to be able to share him with my team mates.

Now we're back at home, he's bathed, well fed and having a nap.

I love being a Mum!

T xx