Christmas Wrap-Up

This year in the lead-up to Christmas we weren't sure when I would be having Max and how I would be feeling afterward, so we planned to have Christmas at our house for the first time. We invited both of our families, mine decided to come, but the Big Man's already had plans that involved Grandparent's, Aunts etc so they stayed in Hervey Bay.

Everyone told me that I was crazy for planning to host Christmas so soon after having a baby, so when my Sister Jen volunteered to do all of the organising and cooking for Christmas Day I took her up on the offer.

A couple of days before Christmas my Mum, my Sister's fiance (Jen had already been here for a week helping me out with Max) and my niece arrived. Having my Niece Ava here really made it start to feel more like Christmas. In between last minute Christmas shopping we did all sorts of Christmasy things like decorating cookies for Santa and making Christmas cards.

Two days before Christmas my Mum and Sister did a big Christmas grocery shop and they then spent the next two days getting everything ready for Christmas lunch. The menu that Jen put together was absolutely gorgeous and seeing as pictures speak louder than words, here it is (picture inspired by Bush Babe's photo of her Christmas lunch).

Missing from the picture are the prawns (strategically placed far away from the rest of the food so as not to freak out Jen!), the loads of delicious sweets that Mum made and the Christmas pudding. Jen and Mum also cooked up a storm at breakfast time, we had scrambled eggs, bacon, English muffins, tortillas, hollandaise sauce, croissants, loads of summer fruit and more... Yum!

In between breakfast and lunch we opened up all of the presents (my favourite part of the day!) we all got very spoilt, especially Max and Ava.

By four o'clock we were all completely exhausted and I think we were all in bed by about nine.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas too and I look forward to hearing about your day as well.

T xx


BUSH BABE said...

OMG ... just popped over and saw your Max. Dear Lord... he is HANDSOME!!!

You are crazy for hosting Christmas right after baby (think I did the same thing with Violet) but your spread looks OUTSTANDING! Puts mine to shame... your sister is one fine chef!

I am now going to trawl for more photos of your son. You are NO GOOD for my resolve (between you, my sister Jeanie, and my SIL who have produced three divine little beings in the past couple of weeks!) No fair.

Tamsyn said...

Thanks for stopping by! My Sister is certainly amazing, but your Christmas lunch looked just as tasty :)