Advice Needed....

.... Not for me. For my friend Dez.

5 days past her due date and still no sign of the baby.

Seeing as I never actually went into labour I'm not much help, so I'm throwing it out to you guys in blog-land. What are your best tips for bringing on labour?



jeanie said...

To understand that the term "due date" is fluid and not to stress too much.

My first was 7 days past and absolutely perfect - labour "induced" through Indian food, long walks, sex and when the baby was ready.

My second was 13 days past and absolutely perfect - labour was "induced" through intervention.

Kylie said...

I tried rasberry leaf tea and walking when I went over my due date with my daughter. Not sure if either helped really. She ended up coming 6 days past my dd.

Tamsyn said...

Thanks girls, she ended up being induced this morning. Still in labour as I type!