Happy Saturday

Things that are making me happy on this beautiful day...
  • Knowing that my long weekend it going to be filled with lots of family and friends time
  • The in-laws looking after Max this morning so that the Big Man and I could have a sleep in
  • The way that Coopers little claws click as he runs across the polished floors at the Big Man's parents place
  • Hearing my gorgeous baby giggle when I kiss his belly
  • Knowing that my Mum and Mother-in-Law both love reading this blog and getting updates on Max
  • Spending the day with my wonderful Sister

What's making you happy today?


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Nat Murtagh said...

ood friends and long weekends :)

Anonymous said...

so many things to be happy about :)
Hope your weekend was fabulous

Tamsyn said...

It was a lovely weekend. Exactly what I needed!