Cute Enough?


Seriously.... how is it even possible to be this incredibly adorable?!



Anonymous said...

Sooo cute;)

Melody said...

Yes, definitely cute enough!

Lulu said...

Very cute!!! My little one is almost 4 months too and I am from Brisbane originally (now living in Japan)

Have spent the morning blog hopping in between singing with my bub and watching him attack his banana toy hanging from his mat!!

Glad to have found you- was looking for mummies living in Brisbane and found you :-)

Bec said...


Erin says he's "so excited" and "not cry and cry and cry" because he's a "good girl too" lol

Kelly said...

seriously, that is one of the CUTEST pic i've EVER seen. lol

Tamsyn said...

Thanks girls!

Nice to meet you Lulu, I love your blog and am always excited to find other Aussie Mummy Bloggers.

Sooo cute Bec, give Erin hugs from me!