Picnik - Photo Editing

I don't have photoshop {oh how I wish I had photoshop!}, I can't really afford to buy it right now.

In the meantime I still take plenty of photos and find that a good portion of them need editing. Nothing major, a touch up here, some colour correction there...

I'm sure there are probably heaps of programs out there that you can use, but I'm currently only using one and that's Picnik. I like it because it is really easy to use, but still offers quite a lot of functions.

I choose to pay the $29.95 a year to have access to the premium features, but you can also use it for free if you just want to use the basic features {colour correction, frames etc}.

The photo on the left was taken by my gorgeous friend Cat when I was 22 weeks pregnant. The photo on the right is after I have done a little bit of work on it. Big improvement I think!

So other point and shoot peeps out there... Do you use any kind of image editing software? Which ones do you like best?


{This is not a paid post, I just really like Picnik!}


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

It is a lovely photo.
I loved playing around with the basic picnik version ...I might be tempted into a subscription if I don't don't buy the basic photoshop elements.
Thanks for visiting me.
I'd love the real PS though.

Cat Fulton Bensein said...

I subscribed to Picnik too and use it from time to time, but mostly just to balance the colours, it gives hair and eyes more shine and sparkle :)

Tamsyn said...

Trish - Aww thanks and thanks for stopping by! I might have a look at photoshop elements sometime today to see what it's all about.

Cat - It's just about adding back in what the camera might have missed... We have so much shine and sparkle in real life it would be shame for that not to be reflected in our photos!! lol

Fern said...

I use Picasa a lot when it's just a few changes and I can't be bothered to open up Photoshop :)

you can get it at http://picasa.google.com

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Fern, I haven't tried Picasa before... I'll give it a go.