Anzac Day


This year was Max's first Anzac Day. He might be too small to remember, but we still wanted to take him down to the Anzac March and Ceremony.

It was a gorgeous day in Hervey Bay and we caught up with quite a few friends as we followed the end of the parade through to the memorial.

{My friend Ange's gorgeous Son Tristan}

I hope that Max will grow up with pride in his country and I think that remembering our Anzacs is an important part of that.



Cat Fulton Bensein said...

OMG What a gorgeous photo of Tristan!

Tamsyn said...

I know, he is just so photogenic :)

Ange & Phil said...

I too love that pic Tam, he doesn't look very happy tho! lol! Did the one of both of the boys turn out? I wasn't sure if they were both looking at you! lol it is soooo hard to get a good pic of them together!!!

Tamsyn said...

He might not be happy, but he sure is cute! The photo of the three of you was blurry, sorry. But I did get another couple of good ones of Tristan, I'll email them to you xx