Two Times Tooth Troubles

Today has been filled with a whole lot of this.....

One very cranky baby.

We think that he might be teething. We can't see any teeth yet, but as soon as he gets anything into his mouth he chomps away like a demon!

We've been lucky so far, he doesn't really cry much. Just when he's hungry or tired. So we definitely weren't prepared for today. Max cried all day long and only stopped when he was feeding or napping.

To make matters worse, I have a horrible toothache.

Here's hoping he's a bit more cheery tomorrow.



Lulu said...

Poor little man. I hope he is better soon and that his teeth pop out (seems to be much better when they do!)- some advice I got apart from the bonjela is wet a corner of a face washer and put in the freezer and then give it to bub t munch on. Best to use boiled water for this or mineral water.

Noah is a compulsive drooler so I imagine his teeth are not far away.

I guess you are having sympathetic tooth ache. Or he is on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

How bad is it. Kate is still cutting her 1st tooth at the top which apparently happens to one in eight. She is ok durning the day but at night has reverted back to being a baby, waking lots in pain :( poor bubba feel so bad.

Hope u get an easy run, guess we have a lot more teeth to endure yet. Hope your tooth feels better too.

Nat Murtagh said...

Tam Im anonymous. it keeps doing it to me cause phil is sighned in all the time :(.


The Shiny Pebble said...

Gosh I had one day like that. Only one, though. It didn't matter what we did, he would stop only to eat or sleep. Thank goodness it didn't last long. I think I would have gone mad. Your little guy is soo darn'd cute. I think I would keep him.

Michelle said...

oh ouchie! that's no good - home all teething happens quickly and bubs isn't too unhappy

Tamsyn said...

Lulu - great idea, thanks I'll definitely give it a shot.

Nat - Haha I did wonder who anon was! I hope Kate's not in too much pain and that you're still managing to get some decent sleep xx

Shiny - Thanks, I think he's kinda cute too ;). Here's hoping the bad days don't continue.

Michelle - thanks heaps, me too!

Cady said...

Lucy is teething too. She's having a miserable time. I feel awful seeing her in so much pain!

Tamsyn said...

I know Cady, it's really rough. I hope Lucy's don't hurt her too much.