Baby Monitor

Before Max was born my sister lent me all of her baby things. One of the things we've found most valuable is the AngelCare baby monitor. We have it on whenever Max is asleep. It has a few different features and one of the main ones is the breathing sensor. If the baby stops breathing the alarm goes off and you also have the option to turn the ticker on so that every time the baby breaths you hear a tic. You can hear it in the video below {you may need to turn the volume right up}.

Friends have commented that it must be really annoying, but I actually find the noise really comforting. You kind of stop noticing it after awhile, but it's nice to be able to hear it when you want to.

For the last four months we have had the ticker turned on. I know it doesn't need to be on, the alarm still goes off if you don't use the ticker, but like I said I find it reassuring.

The other night we made the big {and scary... well for me anyway!} decision to stop using it. We still have the sensor on each time he sleeps, the only difference is that now we only hear noise if he cries or if the alarm was to go off.

It's nice to have a little bit less noise in the house, but it is taking a bit of getting used to. I find that I go in and check on him a lot more often now.

I know I probably sound like one of those paranoid Mum's that everyone hates, but I figure we have access to the technology, why not make the most of it...