A Serious Baby

Now that Max is getting older {and more fun} I like to make a real effort to spend the day playing with him on my days off. I know that it's important for babies to have solo play time, but he gets enough of that when I'm at work and he spends the day in the office with the Big Man.

This morning at our first play session he seemed to be in a very serious mood. Which isn't normal for Max, he normally smiles and coo's all the way through playtime. But this morning he was concentrating really hard on the activities that we were doing and barely even cracked a smile.

Not necessarily a bad thing, just different I guess.

By the afternoon he was back to his usual cheerful self and I even heard him giggle* for the first time, whilst he was sitting up unaided** for the first time!! A day of firsts :)

I took a really cute video of him in his jungle bouncer as well today, but I don't want to spam you all with video after video of my baby doing normal baby things that you've all probably seen your owns kids do a million times. If you do want to check it out, it's over here.

I have the day off again tomorrow and I'm definitely looking forward to spending it with Max!

*He has giggled before, but this was the first time that I had heard him myself.
** I helped him into a sitting position and then he just sat there! Normally he topples straight over. After a little while he started to fall over and he actually reached out and balanced himself again. I was so proud!!



Nat Murtagh said...

I enjoyed maxie's video. Kate does the exact same thing. How go are the jumperoo's. It looks like he loves it just as much as kate ;)

Tamsyn said...

So much fun huh! I can't wait to see Kate this weekend (oh and you too!) xx